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Unlimited study schedule
100 percent teaching
and quality assurance
98.6% progressed their
level of Chinese
Student can make his own schedule
according to his own situation
Teacher and course consultant
Offer the best quality of study for students
Comprehensive teaching method
Combine the face-to-face teaching + intelligent multimedia courseware
Three-dimensional teaching method
The teaching method of Mandarin Morning is more effective
than the traditional way of teaching!
Mandarin Morning’s outstanding teaching method is well used during

Is has made 98.6% of students experience the increased efficiency of study
and a sense of achievement!

The headquarter of Confucius Institute /Hanban qualified
Examined and qualified by Confucius Institute, be directly affiliated to the Chinese language test center:
1.Chinese HSK test center, the center code:8980900
2.Business Chinese BCT test center, the center code:8980901
3.authorized Test Center and training center for international
Chinese language teacher Certificate, the center code:8980950

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Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) 2016-12-18