Mandarin Morning Chinese School
About us
Chinese Teacher-Professional tutors in Shanghai
There are many teachers with rich Chinese teaching experience. The top 10 Chinese teachers in Mandarin Morning. We cooperate with foreign company and send the teacher to go abroad every year.
Certificate from Confucius Institution headquarter

We believe that teacher’s capability is the only key
to the quality of teaching.

We hire experienced Chinese tutors in Shanghai.
PS:Chinese course and Chinese tutor online are available.

The teacher need:

1.Bachelor or Master Degree

2.native Chinese speaker (must can speak at least
two kinds of languages)

3.Certificate of International Chinese Language Teacher

4.Certificate of Teaching
Teacher’s ability is the only key to the quality of teaching
Mandarin Morning will review teacher’s education qualification and we become a partner with Confucius Institute to cultivate
outstanding Chinese teacher.
mandarin tutor shanghai
Song Xiaoyu
mandarin tutor Shanghai
Tian Jiawei
mandarin tutor Shanghai
Huang Qingqing
mandarin tutor Shanghai
Zhang Jiahui
Teacher’s Proverbs
     I suppose the thing gets me
the most satisfaction of being a
teacher is when I feel that pupil
has made progress.

--Feng Xiaoli
    Life,without the assistance
of colleges and universities,
is becoming an advanced
institution of learning.

--Zhou Ping
    Goals determine what you are going to be. So make a good
plan, we like the dreams of the
future better than the history of
the past.
--Yuan Zhenfang
      Study while you play;
      Play while you study;
      This is the way;
      To be cheerful and gay.

--Li Jiaze