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1-1 and Group Chinese mandarin course
No matter where you are from , which level you are in, Mandarin Morning can provide the best mandarin Chinese classes for you. For example, daily life mandarin lesson, business mandarin lesson, online mandarin lesson, mandarin classes for adults/kids, etc.


Chinese Course




We can provide tailor-made Chinese course for you according to your needs,
hobbies and habits.



hanyu pinyin; basic Chinese characters; Shanghai Chinese character Business Chinese
Zero-based Chinese Spoken Chinese Business Chinese
We provide good environment which
is most close to mother language,so you can start from mandarin pinyin “a,o,e,i”like babies, then we will teach you Chinese characters.
You can improve your spoken Chinese and
abilities from relaxing “mother language”studies.Our senior Chinese teachers will make international environment which is close to daily life for you.
By learning High-quality Business Mandarin Course and Chinese business culture, you can deal with different Chinese people anywhere smoothly.
Chinese Course Chinese Course Chinese Course
Office Chinese Traveling Chinese HSK/BCT
From interview Chinese to career Chinese or from E-mail communication to business negotiation, Mandarin Morning give you help anytime.
Do you want to have a trip without any hesitation in Chinese? vacation, asking for direction, ordering dishes, hotel......Please don’t worry about the communication, Mandarin Morning will help you anytime.
Through systemic examination of the Confucius Institute Headquarter, Mandarin Morning has been the testing center of HSK since 2013.
Chinese Course Chinese Course Chinese Course
Chinese class; Chinese classes online

Authenticated teaching

We believe that the teachers are important for teaching quality. So we employ teachers with these following requirements:1.Bachelor degree or above; 2.Chinese is the mother language(through the professional training, master the advanced teaching skills.) 3.Having experience in teaching and working. 4.Member of the Confucius Institute 5.Having the international Chinese teacher certificate.

Chinese class; Chinese classes in Mandarin Morning