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【Learn Chinese】Chinese Lesson: Sports without a Ball
Last week we had a look at different ball sports. Here is a list with sports that don’t include a ball.
As running most definitely does not involve a ball, it’s no surprise that this word does not include the word 球 (qiú) for ball. Run in Chinese = 跑步 pǎobù. Literally this means run step.
Let’s learn a couple of sentences with this word in
Yesterday I ran 10km: 昨天我跑了十公里 Zuótiān wǒ pǎole shí gōnglǐ
I like to run three times a week: 我喜欢一个星期跑三遍 Wǒ xǐhuān yīgè xīngqí pǎo sān biàn
Going with another Olympic sport that definitely doesn’t involve a ball here. Swimming in Chinese = 游泳 yóu yǒng. Literally this means travel swim.
He cannot swim: 他不会游泳 Tā bù huì yóuyǒng
Onto more snowy matters as we go Skiing.
Skiing in Chinese = 滑雪 huáxuě
Snowboard in Chinese = 滑雪板 huáxuě bǎn
Just add a bǎn on the end to change Skiing to Snowboarding.
Literally Skiing in Chinese is slide snow and Snowboarding in Chinese is slide snow plank.
Time to get the gloves on as we go Boxing. Boxing in Chinese = 拳击 quánjí. Literally this means fist beat. Quite a brutal literal translation there really isn’t it!
Staying in this area of Sport, Kung Fu is a nice easy one to remember given the similar sound: Kung Fu in Chinese is 功夫 Gōngfū.
All aboard the Horses. Horse Racing in Chinese = 赛马Sàimǎ. Literally this means race horse. A nice easy translation there.
With gambling being banned in China this wouldn’t be the most popular sport in the Mainland, but head south to Hong Kong and you’ll have two world renowned race tracks which host some first class Horse Racing action every week.