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【Learn Chinese】Traditional Food in China: Chinese Kebabs
Lamb skewer, or lamb kebab, is part of the cuisine of the Uyghur people and other Chinese Muslims. These vendors left their hometown in the Xinjiang to sell lamb skewers on small push carts all across China.
The spices they use on the skewers are a combination of cumin seeds, dried red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, and sesame or sesame oil.
Over the last decade or so, Chinese people’s love for Chuan (串), which translates into skewer or kebab in English, has really gained momentum and you can find it in almost every part of China.
There are a number of ways to say kebabs in Chinese, and even more things you can eat skewered.
串. Chuàn. Simple and to the point.
串串. Chuànchuan. Flows off the tongue well!
串儿. Chuàn’r. Chuan, but make it Beijing! (A Beijing accent adds 儿s to the end of words and phrases).
烤肉串. Kǎoròu chuàn. The most technical and the most specific. Appreciated!
The prices of Chinese skewers will depend on what you get, if it’s street food or from a restaurant, and where you are. Nonetheless, here’s a short list to potential kebabs you can expect:
Lamb 羊肉 Yángròu
Chicken 鸡肉 jīròu
Pork 猪肉 zhūròu
Beef 牛肉 niúròu
Seafood 海鲜 hǎixiān
Mantou (steamed bun) 馒头 mántou
Tofu 豆腐 dòufu
Veggies 蔬菜 shūcài