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【Learn Chinese】Milk Tea Recipe
Milk Tea (奶茶 nǎi chá) is a popular drink in China. If you live in China, you probably know that milk tea shops are everywhere.
If you don’t live in China or you just want to try to make a milk tea yourself, here is a recipe for you with Chinese and English instructions.
For beginners, see which words you can pick out from this article. I bet you can find 红茶 (black tea) and 牛奶 (milk)!
红茶叶— 3 tbsp可按照口味斟酌 - Black tea – 3 tablespoons (or according to your own taste preferences)
鲜牛奶 — 2 cup (此方大概做一人份奶茶)- Milk – 2 cups (This makes about one serving of milk tea)
白砂糖 – 少许 (我比如不能吃甜这个比例1tsp已经是极限所以我一般都不放糖了) - White sugar – use minimally, as needed (For example, I can’t eat very sweet foods; 1 tsp is already my upper limit! Normally I don’t put in any sugar)
How to make Milk Tea:
步骤1  白糖放入无水的锅里 中火加热至成琥珀色 - Step 1: Place white sugar into a waterless pan.  Cook on medium heat until the sugar turns an amber color.
步骤2 往锅中倒入牛奶 并将茶叶倒进牛奶中焦糖会突然结块但是慢慢会化开 - Step 2: Add milk to the caramelized sugar in the pan.  Then, add tea leaves into the milk.  The caramelized sugar will suddenly form hardened crystals but these will slowly dissolve as you continue stirring.
步骤3 起初茶叶会浮在牛奶上 但是随着它吸饱水它自己会浸入到牛奶中 - Step 3: Although the tea leaves will originally float to the top of the milk, keep stirring until the tea leaves absorb water and sink into the milk.
步骤4 用木棒捻茶叶就是用一头杵茶叶并伴随捻的动作 目的是让茶叶的味道完全散发出来。 用木棒上下碾压。   如果喜欢奶味重  可以少煮些时间 如果喜欢茶味重  就多捻一些时间 - Step 4: Use a wooden spatula to stir and crush the tea leaves. The goal is to release the flavor of the tea leaves into the milk. If you like a stronger milk flavor, you can boil the milk for a shorter time. If you like a stronger tea flavor, you can boil and crush the tea leaves for longer.
步骤5 煮至奶茶颜色不再变   用漏勺隔住茶叶 离火倒入杯中 - Step 5: Boil until the color of the milk stabilizes. Use a slotted spoon to remove the tea leaves. Remove from heat and pour into a glass.
步骤6 冰奶茶的做法:将晾冷的奶茶倒进冰格放入冷冻室。冻成冰后放入鲜煮的奶茶中,让二者融为一体。味道丝毫不减,更适合炎热的夏日 - Step 6: Iced milk tea recipe variation: To make iced milk tea, pour cooled down milk tea into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer. Once frozen, remove and add to unfrozen milk tea.  The two will mix together and make a nice, chilled milk tea. The flavor stays strong. A great drink for a hot summer day!
Common mix-ins include: tapioca balls, grass jelly, red beans, and grains such as oats and Job’s tears.  
Try this milk tea recipe out and impress your friends with your amazing Chinese cooking abilities.