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Discover Yunnan Province
Yunnan, located in the remote southwest of China, offers a diversity of both people and landscape that makes it a dream destination for travelers. If you have time to visit only one province in China, then it should be Yunnan.

Yunnan gathers 25 ethnic minority groups living harmoniously together in its vast land. The unique song and dance, culture and folklore, etc. of each distinct group make Yunnan Province the most colorful and majestic region in entire China, providing an extraordinary glimpse into China's mixed garden of humanity with great joy. Besides, this beautiful land houses the hugely varies splendors taking you to see more and diverse wonders by nature and human creativity - quaint ancient towns, Ancient Tea-Horse Road, magnificent rice terraces, beautiful red fields, towering and snow-capped mountains, thrilling gorges, emerald lakes, exquisite pagodas, and tropical flavor in the south... Any sight in Yunnan can be called a picturesque masterpiece!
The large Yunnan is home to many great travel destinations. While, there are several hot destinations long been favored by millions of travelers home and abroad, such as Kunming - the capital of Yunnan Province and known as the “Spring City” for its pleasant comfortable weather all years round, Lijiang - national famous old city with literal charm and Ancient Naxi Kingdom with fabulous sceneries, Shangri-La - the globally dreamy earthly paradise as “Lost Horizon” described, Yuanyang - the spectacular rice-paddy terracing listed as the UNESCO world natural heritage to compliment the creativity of both nature and local Hani ethnic people, Dali - a fabulous sunny getaway with profound Dali Old Town Kingdom and Nanzhao Kingdom stories and shining Bai ethnic culture, Xishuangbanna - quite different tropical Kingdom of plants and animals with rich flavors to match Thailand, and so forth.
What are you waiting for? Discover Yunnan now!
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