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Chinese Chess
That’s right! There’s a Chinese version of the classic game of chess. It’s called 象棋 (xiàngqí) which translates to ‘Elephant Chess‘.
Xiàngqí is one of the most popular board games in China and Vietnam and is in the same family as what we know as International / European chess.
First, let’s talk about when was Chinese chess invented.
The original Chinese chess was created around 200 B.C by a military commander named Hán Xin. Hán Xin was using it to help develop his military strategy, and it later became known as the game to capture Xiang Qi. Xiang Qi being the commander of the opposing army.
To set up your Chinese Chess board first take out your 16 pieces of your army. You’ll either be playing as red or black. Generally red plays first but the two players can agree otherwise.
Chinese chess pieces are flat circles that will either have an image printed on them indicating what they are or will have traditional / simplified Chinese printed on them.
Pieces are placed upon the lines of the chessboard that is 9×10 in dimensions.
Additionally, there is a river down the middle of the board, splitting the two armies.
Here’s your army:
1 General (King): Black: 将 jiàng, Red: 帅 shuài
2 Advisors/ Guards: Black: 士 shì, Red: 仕 shì
2 Elephants (Bishops): Black: 象 xiàng, Red: 相 xiàng
2 Chariots (Rooks): Black: 車 jū, Red: 俥 jū
2 Horses (Knights): Black: 馬 mǎ, Red: 傌 mǎ
2 Cannons (Catapults): Black: 砲 pào, Red: 炮 pào
5 Soldiers (Pawns): Black: 卒 zú, Red: 兵 bīng
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