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Beautiful Chinese Words (Part 3)
依偎 (yī wēi) “to nestle against, snuggle up to”
The character 依 (yī) means “to rely on, consent,” while 偎 (wēi) means “to cuddle.” Together, they form a phrase that evokes feelings of love and comfort, of the coziness you inhabit when you snuggle up to someone you trust and adore.
For example:
小姑娘依偎在母亲怀里。(xiǎo gū niang yī wēI zài mǔ qin huái lǐ) = The little girl snugged up in her mother’s arms.
眼神 (yǎn shén) “expression in one’s eyes, gaze”
This is one of those hard-to-translate phrases that crops up all over Chinese. The closest equivalent in English might be “the look in one’s eyes,” but 眼神 (yǎn shén) also comprises the emotion and feeling behind one’s gaze. A song lyric by pop singer JJ Lin goes:
确认过眼神,我遇上对的人。 (què rèn guò yǎn shén, wǒ yǜ shàng duì de rén)
= Having ascertained the gaze, I’ve met the right person.
Or, more colloquially, “When I look into your eyes, I know you’re the one.”
宝贝 (bǎo bèi) “darling, baby, treasure”
This term of endearment is seen and used everywhere, from song lyrics to flashing ads, from poetry to everyday conversation. Chinese speakers say it to their babies, their family members, and even their close friends. Like any term of endearment, the word can also be used ironically to refer to someone useless or decidedly not endearing. Apart from this ironic usage, the casual practice of calling 宝贝 is a clear indicator of love and affection.
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