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Health in Chinese: The Hospital
Sometimes accidents happen, we eat something bad, catch fever, break a bone or our appendix suddenly hurts.
No matter the country you are in, you need to be hospitalised 住院 (zhùyuàn) and maybe even need a surgical intervention 手术 (shǒushù).
Whilst you are comfortably set up in a sickroom 病房 (bìngfáng), the doctor and nurses will come to examine you 检查 (jiǎnchá) and maybe even run some blood tests 验血 (yànxiě) to find out what’s wrong.
To be hospitalised – 住院 (zhù yuan)
Surgery – 手术 (shǒu shù)
Sickroom, ward – 病房 (bìng fang)
To examine – 检查 (jiǎn chá)
To leave the hospital – 出院 (chū yuan)
Outpatient service – 门诊 (mén zhěn)
To anaesthetise – 麻醉 (má zuì)
To inject, injection – 注射 (zhù shè)
Results – 结果 (jié guǒ)
Wheelchair – 轮椅 (lún yǐ)
Surgeon – 外科医生 (wài kē yī shēng)
Here’s a list of tests the doctor might prescribe:
Blood pressure – 血压 (xuè yā)
Blood test – 验血 (yàn xiě)
Heart rate – 心率 (xīn lǜ)
MRI – 磁共振成像 (cí gòng zhèn chéng xiàng)
Ultrasound – 超声 (chāo shēng)
Vision test – 视力检查 (shì lì jiǎn chá)
X-Ray – X光 (X guāng)

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