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Health in Chinese: First Aid Kit
Helping someone in distress is already very stressful, so doing it in a foreign language is even more!
Let’s say you find someone 不省人事 (bù xǐng rénshì) unconscious. You first need to check their breath 呼吸 (hūxī) and pulse 脉搏 (màibó) to verify this person is still breathing and the heart still pumping.
Depending on the situation, you can go find a first aid kit 急救箱 (jíjiù xiāng) in the nearby shops or houses. If the situation seems serious, always ask for help.
TIP: Check the emergency numbers of the country you are travelling to before your arrival. If something happens, you’ll immediately know how to ask for help.
To Wrap up – 包扎 (bāo zā)
Band Aid – 胶布 (jiāo bù)
Cleansing wipes – 清洁湿巾 (qīngjié shī jīn)
Disposable sterile gloves – 一次性无菌手套 (yícì xìng wú jūn shǒutào)
First aid – 急救 (jí jiù)
Gauze – 纱布 (shā bù)
Ointment – 药膏 (yào ɡāo)
Painkillers – 止痛药 (zhǐtòng yào)
Safety pins – 安全别针 (ānquán biézhēn)
Scissors – 剪刀 (jiǎn dāo)
Sticky tape – 胶带 (jiāodài)
Thermometer – 温度计 (wēndùjì)
Tweezers – 镊子夹子 (nièzi jiázi)
Bandage – 绷带 (bēng dài)
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