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Chengyu Story: An illusory joy
The Chinese idiom 南柯一梦 (nán kē yí mènɡ) literally means "A Dream in Nanke". The story is a metaphor for an empty dream, an illusory joy.
In the Tang Dynasty, there was a scholar named Chun Yufen. Under his courtyard wall, there was a plant Guhuai. One day, he was unhappy and fell asleep under the plant after getting drunk. Dimly, two envoys came over him and invited him to be a guest at the kingdom of Da Huan An. Chun Yufen got on the carriage and after a while arrived at the Palace of the kingdom. The king saw that Chun Yufen was talented and his speech and manner were refined and decided to marry him the princess. After getting married, Chun Yufen lived a very happy life with the princess.
Before long, Chun Yufen was sent to Nan Ke to be a governor. There, he was worried about people's life and the state affairs all day and he was loved by his people. One day, the country of Tan Luo invaded and the army of Da Huai An was defeated, and the withdrawal turned into a rout. The King gave orders and let Chun Yufen led his army to fight against the enemy. Because Chun Yufen knew nothing about military, he defended hastily and fled after being defeated. The king got so angry that he dismissed Chun Yufen from his post. Before too long, his wife died because of sickness. He was so badly off that even his dog couldn’t recognize him and barked at him.
Suddenly, Chun Yufen recovered and realized it was just a dream. He had a strange feeling and found a big ant cave under the plant Guhuai, in which there was the king of the ants. The ant cave was like a pavilion, a small town. Chun Yufen heaved a long sigh: Years of glory and wealth turned out to be a dream in Nanke.
How to use 南柯一梦:
复习两天就通过HSK考试,对我来说就是南柯一梦。 (fùxí liǎnɡtiān jiù tōnɡɡuò hsk kǎoshì, duìwǒ láishuō jiùshì nánkēyímènɡ) = It will be a dream for me to pass HSK exam after only two day’s review.
年轻人们想凭借炒股一夜暴富,哪里知道这只是南柯一梦。 (niánqīnɡrénmen xiǎnɡ pínɡjiè chǎoɡǔ yíyè bàofù, nǎlǐ zhīdào zhè zhǐshì nánkēyímènɡ) = Young people wish to be rich overnight by speculating in stocks, but never know that it will only be a dream.
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