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Chinese Lesson: Travel Vocabulary
Traveling abroad is a wonderful way to expand your horizons. Being able to experience other cultures first-hand is a valuable experience that adds an extra dimension to your outlook on life.
Besides being exposed to new sights and new food, foreign travel also gives you the chance to communicate in another language. China and Taiwan are great places to practice your Mandarin Chinese because relatively few people speak English.
Since Mandarin is one of the harder languages to learn, give yourself plenty of study time before your trip. With its tones and written characters, Mandarin can be more challenging than other Western languages.
This vocabulary list of traveling words and phrases will come in handy when you first arrive, and also for traveling around the country.
Airport - 飞机场 - fēi jī chǎng
train station - 火车站 - huǒ chē zhàn
bus station - 公车站- gōng chē zhàn
bus stop - 公车停靠站 - gōng chē tíngkào zhàn
plane - 飞机 - fēi jī
train - 火车 - huǒ chē  
bus - 气车 - qì chē  
shuttle bus - 接驳车 - jiē bó chē  
taxi – 出租车 – chū zū chē
boat - 船 - chuán
ticket - 票 - piào  
return ticket - 来回票 - lái huí piào
boarding pass - 登机证 - dēng jī zhèng
check in - 登记 - dēngjì
passport - 护照 - hù zhào
timetable - 时刻表 - shí kè biǎo
gate - 登机门 - dēng jī mén
Where can I buy a ticket? - 在哪里买票? - Zài nǎli mǎi piào?
How much is a ticket to …?  - 一张到...的票多少钱? - Yī zhāng dào ... de piào duō shǎo qián?
I would like a ticket to ….. - 我买一张到...的票。 - Wǒ mǎi yī zhāng dào ... de piào. 
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