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Chinese Grammar: Existence in a place with 在
The verb 在 (zài) expresses existence in a location, similar to how we say in English, "to be at" or "to be in." 
The verb 在 (zài) is used to express existence in a place. English does not have a verb exclusively for this purpose, and instead uses "to be" with a preposition. In Chinese, 在 (zài) can cover both of these roles.
Structure: Subj. + 在 + Place
Remember that you don't need another verb in this construction. It can be tempting to try use 是 (shì), as English uses "to be," but this is not correct. 在 (zài) is the only verb needed.
我在上海。(wǒ zài Shànghǎi) = I'm in Shanghai.
他们在英国。(tāmen zài Yīngguó) = They're in England.
老板在外面。(lǎobǎn zài wàimiàn) = The boss is outside.
他不在学校。(tā bù zài xuéxiào) = He's not at school.
她现在在家吗?(tā xiànzài zài jiā ma) = Is she at home now?
你在公司吗?(nǐ zài gōngsī ma) = Are you at the office?
老师不在办公室吗? (lǎoshī bù zài bàngōngshì ma) = Is the teacher not in the office?
谁在楼上?(shéi zài lóushàng) = Who is upstairs?
我和朋友在酒吧。(wǒ hé péngyou zài jiǔbā) = I'm with a friend at a bar.
你们明天在北京吗?(nǐmen míngtiān zài Běijīng ma) = Are you guys in Beijing tomorrow?
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