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Chinese Lesson: How to count above 10.000 in Chinese
Mandarin numbers up to 9,999 follow the same basic pattern as English numbers, but numbers 10,000 and higher are quite different. In English, numbers larger than 10,000 are stated in terms of thousands. However, large numbers are written and read as divisions of 10,000 in Chinese.
The Chinese character for 10,000 is 万 , pronounced wàn. Any number higher than 10,000 read in terms of the number of 10,000s. For example, 20,000 would be两万 (liǎng wàn), or "two ten-thousands." 17,000 would be一万七千 (yī wàn qī qiān), or "one ten-thousand seven thousand." 42,300 would be四万两千三百 (sì wàn liǎng qiān sān bǎi), or "four ten-thousand two thousand three hundred."
If there is a zero in the hundred's, ten's, or one's place, it is replaced by 零 líng. If there are a series of zeros, as in 21,001, they are replaced by a single 零 líng.
Examples of Large Numbers:
Here is a list of more large numbers. See if you can say the number out loud without looking at the Chinese version.
wǔ wàn bā qiān liù bǎi jiǔ shí qī​
jiǔ shí wǔ wàn sān bǎi qī shí
yī bǎi ling èr wàn wǔ qiān liù bǎi wǔ shí bā
liǎng qiān yī bǎi liù shí wǔ wàn liǎng qiān sān bǎi
jiǔ qiān qī bǎi wàn
Even Larger Numbers:
After ten thousand, the next largest number unit used in Chinese is one-hundred million. One-hundred million in Mandarin Chinese is亿 (yì). It can also be expressed as万万 (wàn wàn).
Learning Tips:
Using numbers units like万or 亿 can be confusing at first. Here are a few tips for quickly knowing how to read large numbers out loud.
One tip is to move the comma one place to the left. A number is usually separated every three digits by a comma. For example: 14,000. Now, let's move the comma over by one digit. By seeing a number 1,4000, it becomes easier to read numbers in terms of ten-thousands. In this case, it is 一万四千, or "one ten-thousand four thousand."
Another tip is to simply memorize a few large numbers. How do you say one million in Chinese? What about 10 million?
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