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Chinese Grammar: Age with 岁
Use 岁 (suì) to give a person's age, similar to how we say "years old" in English. There are a details that work differently from English, however.
Basic Structure for 岁 (suì)
The structure for telling someone's age with 岁 (suì) is:
Structure: Subj. + Number + 岁
This is equivalent to someone "is x years old" in English. Notice that you don't need to include any verb when you use 岁 (suì).
我 20 岁。(wǒ èrshí suì) = I am 20 years old.
我 儿子 一 岁。(wǒ érzi yī suì) = My son is one year old.
我 妈妈 今年 45 岁。(wǒ māma jīnnián sìshí-wǔ suì) = My mother is 45 years old this year.
你 爷爷 今年 80 岁 吗?(nǐ yéye jīnnián bāshí suì ma) = Is your grandpa eighty years old this year?
他 女朋友 也 20 岁 吗?(tā nǚpéngyou yě èrshí suì ma) = Is his girlfriend also twenty years old?
Note that you shouldn't use either the verb 是 (shì) or the measure word like 个 (gè) in any of these sentences.
Adding "And a Half" to an Age
The word for "half" in Chinese is 半 (bàn), and you simply add this after 岁 (suì).
Structure: Subj. + Number + 岁 + 半
她两岁半。 (tā liǎng suì bàn) = She is two and a half years old.
我 儿子 一 岁 半。(wǒ érzi yī suì bàn) = My son is one and a half years old.
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