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Chengyu Story: Man of Qi fears the sky falling
The Chengyu 杞人忧天 (qǐ rén yōu tiān) means “A man in the ancient Qi State fears the sky falling”. The man in the story was haunted by the fear that the sky might fall one day. It tells us there is no need to have imaginary or groundless fears.
In ancient times, there was a small country called Qi. In this country there was a person with a very fragile personality. When the wind blows down the leaves, he is very worried; when a bird falls from the sky, he is very afraid. He said to everyone: will the sky above your head fall down? The others ignored, and he thought these people were crazy. He stayed at home all day, worried that the sky would fall on his head. Later, someone told him: the sky will not fall. Then he relaxed his mind a little and went out for a walk, but he didn't dare to go far. At night, he suddenly saw a star fall in the sky, and he was worried, as if the sun, moon and stars fell down.
How to use 杞人忧天:
她 总是 担心 世界 毁灭,简直是 杞人忧天。
tā zǒnɡshì dānxīn shìjiè huǐmiè, jiǎnzhíshì qǐrényōutiān.
She always has groundless fear that the world will end.
天气预报说 今天 不下雨,你 出门 带伞 不是 杞人忧天 吗?
tiānqìyùbàoshuō jīntiān búxiàyǔ, nǐ chūmén dàisǎn búshì qǐrényōutiān mɑ?
The weather forecast said there is no rain today. Isn’t it useless that you bring an umbrella with you?
你 不必 杞人忧天,生活中 没有 那么多 坏事。
nǐ búbì qǐrényōutiān, shēnɡhuózhōnɡ méiyǒu nàmeduō huàishì.
Don’t worry too much. Life isn’t all about bad things.
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