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Chinese Grammar: 完 for finishing
On its own, 完 (wán) means "to finish" or "to complete." Using it in this grammar structure, it expresses the idea of doing some action to completion.
As well as with 到 (dào) and 见 (jiàn), you can also form result complements with 完 (wán). This indicates that an action is finished or completed.
Structure: Subj. + Verb + 完
我们 明天 可以 做 完 。Wǒmen míngtiān kěyǐ zuò wán. We can finish doing it tomorrow.
你 能 吃 完 吗 ?Nǐ néng chī wán ma? Can you finish eating all?
我 今天 要 写 完 。Wǒ jīntiān yào xiě wán. I need to finish writing it today.
我 没 看 完 。 Wǒ méi kàn wán. I didn't finish reading it.
Usage of 完了 (wán le)
Frequently, you'll also see a 了 (le) at the end, indicating completion.
Structure: Subj. + Verb + 完 + 了
我 说 完 了。Wǒ shuō wán le. I am finished talking.
你 吃 完 了 吗 ? Nǐ chī wán le ma? Are you done eating?
我 看 完 了 。Wǒ kàn wán le. I have finished watching it.
卖 完 了 。Mài wán le. It's sold out.
我们 打扫 完 了 。Wǒmen dǎsǎo wán le. We finished cleaning.
Where to put the object:
If there is an object followed by the verb, 完 must be placed between the verb and the object. To indicate completion, 了 usually goes after the object.
Structure: Subj. + Verb + 完 + Obj. + 了
A few examples:
我 做 完 作业 了。Wǒ zuò wán zuòyè le. I finished doing my homework.
老板 开 完 会 了。Lǎobǎn kāi wán huì le. The boss finished having the meeting.
我 看 完 这本书 了。Wǒ kàn wán zhè běn shū le. I finished reading this book.
我们 学 完 这 篇 课文 了。Wǒmen xué wán zhè piān kèwén le. We finished studying this lesson.

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