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Chengyu Story: Promise worth a thousand pieces of Gold
The idiom 一诺千金 (yí nuò qiān jīn) tells a story about a man whose promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold. This Chinese idiom is used to refer to a man who is faithful to his promises, who’s promise can be count on.
At the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was a man named Ji Bu in Chu. He was upright and chivalrous. As long as it is what he has promised, no matter how difficult it is, he has managed to do it and is praised by everyone. When the Chu and Han Dynasties fought, Ji Bu was Xiang Yu's subordinate. He made several suggestions and defeated Liu Bang's army. After Liu Bang became an emperor, he thought of it and became angry and ordered Ji Bu to be wanted. At this time, people who admired him were helping him secretly. Soon, after making up, Ji Bu went to a family surnamed Zhu in Shandong Province as a servant. Knowing that he was Ji Bu, the Zhu family took him in. Later, the Zhu family went to Luoyang to find Liu Bang's old friend, Ruyin Hou Xia Hou Ying, to talk about love. Under Xia Hou Ying's persuasion, Liu Bang withdrew the wanted order for Ji Bu and made him a doctor. Soon, he became governor of Hedong.
One of Jibu's countrymen, Cao Qiusheng, was fond of making friends with powerful and powerful officials to show off and elevate himself. Ji Bu always looked down on him. Hearing that Ji Bu had become a senior official again, he went to see him immediately. When Ji Bu heard that Cao Qiusheng was coming, he put on a tiger's face and was ready to say a few words to let him down. As soon as Cao Qiusheng entered the hall, no matter how gloomy his face was and how bad his words were, he immediately bowed to him and bowed to him. He wanted to reminisce about the past with the family. He boasted: "I heard that there are thousands of taels of gold spread all over the place of Chu. How can you have such a good reputation spread in Liang and Chu? Since we are fellow countrymen, and I spread your good reputation everywhere, why don't you agree with me? " After listening to Cao Qiusheng's words, Ji Bu was immediately happy and stayed with him for several months as a guest of honor. Before leaving, I also gave him a big gift. Later, Cao Qiusheng continued to publicize for Ji Bu everywhere, and Ji Bu's reputation became more and more big.
How to use 一诺千金:
我 答应 帮忙 就 一定 会 做到,因为 做人 要 一诺千金
(wǒ dāyìnɡ bānɡmánɡ jiù yídìnɡ huì zuòdào, yīnwèi zuòrén yào yínuòqiānjīn)
I will keep my promise once I promised to help.
我的 同事 是 一个 一诺千金,守信用 的 人。
(wǒde tónɡshì shì yíɡè yínuòqiānjīn, shǒuxìnyònɡ de rén)
My colleague is a faithful person who keeps his promises.
你 既然 答应了 她的 要求,就要 做到 一诺千金
(nǐ jìrán dāyìnɡle tāde yāoqiú, jiùyào zuòdào yínuòqiānjīn)
You promised her demands, then you should keep your promise.