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In the good-hearted and friendly family of Mandarin Morning, there has emerged one after another dedicated and hard-working Chinese-speaking Chinese teacher who wrote this extraordinary work with ordinary hands. They have played a strong role in promoting the spread of Chinese and the spread of Chinese culture. Today, I will introduce one of our outstanding teachers, Teacher Zhu Qiwen.
Education experience:
    2002-2004 University of Lincoln, New Zealand Computer Science Graduate Certificate
    1995-1999 Shanghai University Mechatronics Diploma
         Related certificates:
    International Chinese Teacher Certificate (CTCSOL)
Work experience:
    In 2002-2004, during her studies at Lincoln University in New Zealand, she used her spare time to teach foreigners to learn Chinese.
    During the period of 2004-2018, she worked as project manager of KETTLER Shanghai office in Germany, sales manager of Sunseason Shanghai branch in Germany, and marketing manager of Socoto Information Technology Co., Ltd. of Shanghai socoto Shanghai branch.
Two years of study experience and more than ten years her work experience in foreign companies has given her a wealth of cross-cultural exchange experience and English.
    From 2019 to present, after obtaining the Certificate of International Chinese Teacher Certificate and the Certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Mrs. Zhu worked as a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language in Mandarin Morning. She accumulated a large amount of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and served as a part-time teacher at Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology.
She rates herself like this …
“Two years of study abroad experience and more than ten years of experience in foreign companies have given me a wealth of cross-cultural exchange experience. In addition, I also like Chinese culture very much, and I am more patient in character, and I have great curiosity and tolerance for new things. I also taught foreigners Chinese when I was studying, and I feel very fulfilled. I hope that through my own efforts, I will become a better teacher of Chinese as a foreign language.”
Finally, let us wish Zhu’s teacher to be better and better on the road to teaching Chinese.