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World Consumer Rights Day
It originated in 1983 to mobilize citizen action. Citizen action groups have been a large part of bringing change into the marketplace. They have lobbied for safer products and protections from harmful practices and products. Over time, the consumer movement has worked to write what is now regarded as the 8 basic consumer rights. These rights include ideas such as the right to safety, the right to satisfaction of basic needs, the right to redress and the right to be informed.
Consumers International has over 200 members and spans 100 countries. They take their mission of being a voice and champion for consumers in policy-making forums and in the global marketplace. They work outside of any political parties and maintains their independence so that they can make sure that consumers are treated properly.
Each year, World Consumer Rights Day adopts a theme to highlight. Some themes from the past have included antibiotic resistance and healthier diets. To celebrate in your community, look for events that are trying to bring awareness to consumer rights, or areas of public policy that need to be changed. The day is about mobilizing citizen action groups across the world and if everyone joined in to help in their own communities, it would come closer to meet their goals.
The day March 15 never passed by quietly since 1986 -- the year the China Consumers Association began to observe World Consumer Rights Day in China.
Today, as on March 15 in past years, personnel from local industrial and commercial administrative departments and consumers associations take to the streets to offer legal information and advise consumers about their rights and interests. Experts are also invited to give on-site consultations about product quality.
Scenes showing piles of shoddy and fake products being destroyed flash repeatedly on TV screens. Consumer complaints that have dragged on for a longtime without being properly handled may get resolved after the cases are exposed and businesses are forced to yield to public pressure.