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How to learn Mandarin Chinese?

1. Taking classes from a Chinese school either online or locally to have a grasp of the most basic grammars and structures so that you can read some simple texts and simple conversations.

2. Like any other language, practice makes perfect, try to imitate the Chinese recordings as much as you can. In this process, you will have got more muscle memory of those strange pronunciations which I guess are a world of difference from your mother tongue. To get more exposure to this language, you may need to find and speak to a Chinese native who speak good mandarin. Meanwhile, you may try to start writing some short sentences using the characters you’ve mastered in order to familiarize yourself with the way Chinese works.

3. Take standardized HSK test to evaluate your progress while keep expanding your vocabulary until you can read deeper texts such as the articles in a Chinese news paper. You can find these newspapers online.

4. Watch Chinese TV shows. You can find all these materials on youtube. This is the quickest channel through which you contact the most vivid daily life Chinese conversations. Read the articles, discourses or even books in Chinese more aggressively and extensively. Try to produce your own Chinese paragraph .