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Why people learn Chinese in Shanghai?
In recent years, learning Chinese has become popular among people around the world, with the rapid development of economy in China. According to the official report in the last year, there are about 3000 high school in 109 countries offer a course on Chinese. Another data has proved students who learn Chinese not only from Southeast Asia but also from western countries.
There are many reasons why more and more people are crazy about learning Chinese. Firstly, as the improvement of the Chinese economy, learning Chinese will facilitate the economic trade contact and enhance the friendship with other countries.
Secondly, many experts focus on ancient Chinese literature for Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world. Learning Chinese has become a necessary tool for them. Thirdly, due to the plenty of natural landscapes and scenery of humanities in China, a lot of foreign tourists start to travel in China, showing great interests in learning Chinese.
In addition, several Confucius Institutes have been established in many countries these years by Chinese government more and more foreign students have the access to understand Chinese language culture, which provides an important platform for culture exchange. With the changes of China’s internal standing and influence, we not only let the world know more of China, but also need to know more about the rest of world.
Mandarin Morning school is the International Chinese Teachers Certificate certification exam training center authorized by Confucius Institute Headquarters and Hanban . Choose Mandarin Morning to start your journey of Chinese learning.