MandarinMorning ChineseSchool
About us
The mode of entertaining education is integrated into Chinese
Chinese language has been spread all over the world. Language is a medium, and also a culture. Different languages represent different cultures, and Chinese learning is exactly a reflection of searching for the origin of culture. In China, learning Chinese culture and Chinese language is deeply rooted among the people. Chinese characters are broad and profound, therefore Chinese is China’s first language and also a worldwide language. What Mandarin Garden do is to spread Chinese all over the world.Chinese language schools in Shanghai are holy places for Chinese learning and having fun with Chinese fantastic culture.
Camp course
Over 600 kids and teenagers from all over the world have experienced this Summer or Winter Camp in the past few years. This brilliant and vibrant Summer or Winter camp may be waiting for you in the future.
The Promotion
The promotion price is only 3000RMB/week
Is that it? ~ Nope, sign up now and you can also receive the following as well:
1.10 free lessons in art course of Chinese Sinology;
2. A one year culture activity card(worth RMB 2800), that can be shared with your family and friends
3. A free set of special Chinese pens for kids
4. A short trip around Shanghai, including characteristic museum and open air activities
How does it sound? If it is something of interest and importance to you than act quickly and
come join us now, Mandarin Garden welcomes you with open arms.
Day Camp includes:
Registration fee, 20 language lessons per week, textbook and materials, 2 snacks per day,5 afternoon activities, and language proficiency certificate.