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【Learn Chinese】Chinese Words about the Weather
In the Chinese language, all-weather words generally have one or more of the following characters: 天 (tiān) (sky/day), 气 (qì) (air), 雨 (yǔ) (rain), 云 (yún) (cloud), 风 (fēng) (wind).
You’ll get off to a good start by learning those basics first!
However, in spoken Chinese, two-character words are much more common when talking about the weather. In this post, you’re going to learn the four most common ones.
天 (Sky) + 气 (Air) = 天气 (Weather)
As you may already know, air is one of the main factors that influence weather.
Weather: 天气 (tiān qì)
雨 (Rainy) + 天 (Sky/day) = 雨天 (Rainy day)
What do you usually do on a rainy day? While rain is important for plants and the nature in general to grow, it normally upsets a lot of people. But a rainy day can also be very beautiful in its own way.
Rainy day: 雨天 (yǔ tiān)
大 (Big) + 风 (Wind) = 大风 (Strong wind)
Sometimes a rainy day comes together with a thunder storm. And with a storm comes strong wind.
Strong wind: 大风 (dà fēng)
大 (Big) + 雨 (Rain) = 大雨 (Heavy rain)
To say “It is raining heavily today” one can say “今天下大雨” (jīntiān xià dà yǔ). Literally, today down/fall big rain.
Heavy rain: 大雨 (dà yǔ)
大 (Big) + 风 (Wind) + 雨 (Rain) = 大风雨 (Severe storm)
If it all comes together, heavy rain and big wind, you can describe this weather in Chinese as a severe storm: 大风雨 (dà fēng yǔ).