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【Learn Chinese】The Chinese Double Ninth Festival
How familiar are you with the Double Ninth Festival, also known as 重阳节 (Chóngyáng Jié)? This festival has a rich history and several cultural traditions associated with it.
When Is 重阳节 Celebrated?
The Double Ninth Festival is a traditional Chinese festival which takes place on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar. In 2023, it fell on October 23, Monday.
Double Ninth Festival Traditions
The festival traditions focus on curatives, vibrancy and good health. People celebrate by spending time with their older family members to show love and appreciation. This festival highlights the importance of family and taking care of one another.
Go Mountain Climbing
Ascending heights during the Double Ninth Festival is a cherished tradition in China. This festival offers a perfect opportunity to revel in the beauty of nature as autumn sets in.
爬山 pá shān - to climb a mountain
Admiring chrysanthemums
Admiring chrysanthemum on the Double Ninth Festival is a one more long-standing tradition in China. Chrysanthemum has long been associated with the idea of longevity and health in Chinese culture. The bright yellow and white colors of the flower are believed to bring positive energy to people.
赏菊 shǎng jú - to admire chrysanthemums
Drinking osmanthus wine
Osmanthus flowers are highly regarded in Chinese culture and are often associated with good fortune, prosperity, and love. They are considered a symbol of happiness and good luck. This symbolism makes osmanthus wine a popular choice during festive occasions.
喝桂花酒 hē guìhuā jiǔ - to drink osmanthus wine
Eating Chongyang Cake
Eating Chongyang cake is a cultural and symbolic tradition that aligns perfectly with the spirit of the Double Ninth Festival. This cake represents longevity, respect for the elderly, and the joy of celebrating the autumn season, making it an essential part of the festivities during this special holiday.
吃重阳糕 chī Chóngyáng gāo - to eat Chongyang cake