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【Learn Chinese】What are you doing this weekend?
People like to spend their weekend in different ways. In fact, what people like to do in their spare time is more or less related to their lifestyle and cultural background.
Do you know what are popular weekend activities among Chinese? Let’s take a look at what Chinese people like to do on the weekend.
Hanging Out with Friends
Chinese are always excited about meeting up with friends. Hanging out with friends is one of the favorite things they like to do on the weekend. Most Chinese find it pleasant to share their life experiences with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Chinese people are usually busy with work and they don’t have much time to communicate with their friends. A joyful get-together on the weekend could help strengthen their friendship with their friends.
Having Dinner with Friends
Chinese people are not fond of going to parties. However, a “lavish dinner party” can serve as an ideal choice for spending time with friends on the weekend. China is famous for its rich food culture. And Chinese people tend to visit various restaurants as they are curious about different dining experiences. In addition, topics like “what restaurants offer authentic Cantonese food” are always considered trending.
Escape Room
Real-life room escape games have started to prevail across China since 2015 and they can be found in all first-tier and second-tier Chinese cities. If you participate in such a game with your friends, you will be locked in a room and your goal is to solve different puzzles and find clues to get out of the room. Young people in China love this type of “adventure” on the weekend as it’s a good way to have fun with their friends and develop a sense of collectivism.
Staying Home
Many Chinese people consider themselves as “homebodies” in that they prefer to stay home whenever they have time to rest. Nowadays young people face huge pressure at work on a daily basis and they hardly have any time left for themselves. Therefore, what many of them like to do on the weekend is forget about everything related to their work and stay in bed until they feel refreshed. Meanwhile, they often choose to play on their phone or watch video clips online when they don’t want to go out.
Visiting Popular Stores
Nowadays stores selling different kinds of trinkets or groovy clothes are very popular among young people in China. Information about these stores can be easily found online, where they’ve gained a good reputation among Chinese netizens. One of the main reasons why people like to visit these stores on the weekend is that they can take some pictures and then upload them to their WeChat moments. Sharing pictures and videos on WeChat is what Chinese people do to let their friends know what has been going on in their daily lives.