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【Learn Chinese】Chinese Vocabulary for Pets and Pet Access
Having a pet can bring joy and companionship into our lives. Whether you’re a pet owner or simply interested in learning about pets and their accessories in Chinese, this article will introduce you to some essential vocabulary. From common pets to their accessories, let‘s explore the world of pets in Chinese!
Pets are beloved companions in many households. Here are some popular pets and their Chinese names:
Dog: 狗 gǒu
cat: 猫 māo
Fish: 鱼 yú
Bird: 鸟 niǎo
Hamster: 仓鼠  cāng shǔ
Rabbit: 兔子 tù zi
Rat: 鼠 shǔ
Guinea pig: 豚鼠 tún shǔ
Tortoise: 乌龟 wū guī
Parrot: 鹦鹉 yīng wū
Chicken: 小鸡 xiǎo jī
Duckling: 小鸭 xiǎo yā
Pets require various accessories for their care and comfort. Here are some essential pet
accessories in Chinese:
Cat toy: 猫玩具 māo wán jù
Litter box: 猫砂盆 māo shā pén
Litter scoop: 猫砂产 māo shā chǎn
String ball: 线球 xiàn qiú
Cat bed: 毛床 māo chuáng
Collar: 颈圈 jǐng quān
Leash: 牵引绳 qiān yǐn shén
Bowl: 碗 wǎn
Dog house: 狗窝 gǒu wō
Toy: 玩具 wán jù
Pet come: 宠物龙  chǒng wù lóng
Carrier: 运输箱 yùn shū xiāng
Aquarium: 鱼缸 yú gāng
Bird cage: 鸟笼 niǎo lóng
Learning pet-related vocabulary in Chinese can enhance your ability to communicate with pet owners, discuss pet core, or even express your own love for pets.