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【Learn Chinese】Do you know how to use Shared Bicycles in
If you’ve spent some time in China, you’ll definitely notice countless rows of colorful bicycles lining sidewalks. From the convenience of navigating crowded streets to the affordability it offers, using shared bicycles in China became one of the most popular transportation modes for locals and tourists alike.
Using Shared Bicycles in China
There is a diverse range of shared bikes, including traditional pedal-powered bicycles and electric bikes that can be easily accessed with a smartphone.
自行车 zìxíngchē - bicycle(s)
电动自行车 diàndòng zìxíngchē - electric bicycle(s)
共享单车 gòngxiǎng dānchē - shared bike(s)
Both the measure words 辆 (liàng) and 部 (bù) are used for bicycles in Chinese. However, 辆 (liàng) is the more common option, and 部 (bù) sounds more formal.
Installing the App(s)
To start using shared bicycles, you need to make sure that you’ve downloaded the corresponding app (HelloBike, Meituan, etc). After downloading the apps, you’ll be able to add Alipay as a payment method.
支付宝 Zhīfùbǎo – Alipay
Using shared bicycles
Starting riding a bike is usually easy. Once you’ve found a bike that fits you well, open the app on your phone and scan the QR code on the bike.
扫一扫 sǎo yi sǎo - scan (the QR code)
If bike is not broken, the lock will open automatically, and you’ll be able to start your ride.
开锁 kāi suǒ - to unlock
骑行 qíxíng - to ride
When you’re finished, park your bike carefully near other bikes and click on the lock under the bike’s seat. It will take a few seconds, but as soon as you hear “beep” sound, you’re set.
关锁 guān suǒ - to lock
Once your bike is locked, the bike fare summary will be sent to your biking app automatically.
车费 chēfèi - bike fare