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【Learn Chinese】Learn Words related to Money in Chinese
Are you looking for terminology for dealing with cash in Chinese?
China is quickly becoming a cashless society and soon might not even need the word for money or cash in Chinese.
However, before that happens there is still very important vocabulary needed to perform day to day tasks in China. You’ll probably see a lot of this vocab all over Chinese social media platforms like Weibo too!
People say “money talks” 有钱能使鬼推磨 yǒu qián néng shǐ guǐ tuī mó
Money in Chinese
Right before getting stuck into all the vocab here’s a key phrase you’ll need everyday and you’ll hear everyday without fail…
多少钱 – Duōshǎo qián
This means how much does it cost. Hugely useful in near all public situation.
Fortunately, money in Chinese can be simple enough if you put in the time to master the terms such as money, credit card and price.
Here’s our breakdown of the most important words for money in Chinese:
money: 钱 / 货币 qián / huò bì
coin: 硬币 yìngbì
debt: 债务 zhài wù
bank: 银行 yín háng
credit card: 信用卡 xìn yòng kǎ
price: 价钱 jià qian
to pay: 付 fù
give change: 零钱 líng qián
ATM: 自动取款机 zì dòng qǔ kuǎn jī
From here you should be able to ask the price in Chinese, where to pay in Chinese and most importantly get your change.