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【Learn Chinese】Chinese Internet Slang You Need to Know (P
These days, speakers of almost every language on earth have developed their own systems of Internet shorthand that help them express thoughts and feelings efficiently. The world of Chinese Internet slang, of course, is no exception.
In order to keep your Mandarin skills fresh, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Chinese Internet slang. In this article, we’ll dive into some of 2023’s most commonly used Mandarin cyberspeak.
Ready to give your Chinese skills a modern makeover? Stay hip to the culture by mastering these six popular Chinese Internet slang acronyms today.
1. yyds (永远的神)
永远的神 (yǒngyuǎn de shén; yyds) means “eternal God” and describes an outstanding person or thing. It's similar to the saying GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in English. The phrase is often used by fans to praise their idols or simply to describe something they are fond of.
For example:
桂林米粉太好吃了,桂林米粉就是yyds!Guìlín mǐfěn tài hàochī le, Guìlín mǐfěn jiùshì yyds.
Guilin rice noodles are delicious, they’re just yyds!
李小龙的中国功夫太厉害了,他就是yyds! Lǐxiǎolóng de Zhōngguó gōngfū tài lìhài le, tā jiùshì yyds
Bruce Li’s kung fu skills are so good, he’s such a yyds!
2. nsdd (你说得对)
你说得对 (nǐ shuō dé duì; nsdd) means “what you said is right” and is generally used to endorse or approve of what someone has said.
For example:
Nsdd!这样的做法是正确的。 Nsdd! Zhèyàng de zuòfǎ shì zhèngquè de.
Nsdd! That’s the right way to do it.
However, it can also be used to brush someone off by hastily agreeing with them if the speaker doesn’t wish to continue the conversation. For example:
Nsdd, 都听你的。Nsdd, dōu tīng nǐ de.
Nsdd, whatever you say.
3. zqsg (真情实感)
真情实感 (zhēnqíng shígǎn; zqsg), which translates as “true feelings,” describes an emotionally touching or heartfelt situation and is generally used to comment on movies or TV dramas.
For example:
《你好,李焕英》这部电影太zqsg了! “Nǐhǎo, Lǐ Huànyīng” zhè bù diànyǐng tài zqsg le!
The movie “Hello, Li Huanying” is so zqsg!
Another example:
很久没有看到这么zqsg的军旅剧了。 Hěn jiǔ méiyǒu kàndào zhème zqsg de jūnlǚjù le.
I haven’t seen such a zqsg war movie in a long time.
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