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【Learn Chinese】How to Get a Drivers License in China (Par
The full driver’s license is for folks coming China for work (business, teaching English, etc) or those traveling for more than 3 months with the intention to frequently drive a car.
In order to apply for a full Chinese Driver’s License, you’ll need to make sure that you have all of the documents listed in the first part of this article and then follow these steps.
Step 1: Visit the DMV – Locate and visit your local DMV or 交管所 (jiāo guǎn suǒ). You must go to the DMV where your residence permit is issued. For example, if you have a residence permit issued in Beijing, you cannot go to the DMV in Shanghai.
Step 2: Take the Physical Examination – Somewhere on the grounds of the DMV is a place to take the physical exam. Once you arrive at the DMV, pay the fee and take the exam, which will mostly test your eyesight, hearing and reflexes.
Step 3: Fill Out the Application – After receiving the results, share them along with all your other paperwork for approval. You’ll also have to fill out the application for a full Chinese driver’s license, but since it is written and needs to be filled out entirely in Chinese, try to get the staff to fill it out for you since they already have your information handy.
Step 4: Take the Written Test – Then it’s time to take the written test, which can be taken in eight different languages including English. In many cases you’ll have to make an appointment for the exam, so be ready for news that you’ll have to come back another day to take the test.
You’ll be surprised to find that the written test for a Chinese driver’s license is actually really hard! It’s a whopping 100 questions that requires a 90/100 score to pass.
After passing the written test you can now have a driver’s license in China. There is no need for a driver’s test if you already have a valid license from your home country.
Typically you can expect around 5 business days before you can come back up to pick up your driver’s license. But sometimes you may be lucky to where they can process it for you immediately.
China Drivers License: Worth It?
Every person’s situation, perspective and risk tolerance is unique. And this plays a big role in deciding whether a Chinese license is worth it. For example, are you willing to overcome the obstacle of:
Actually Getting the License: It takes time and money.
Renting/Buying a Car: Obviously also taking a lot of money.
Navigating Chinese Roads: You can’t rely on the English instructions of Google Maps in China since it’s blocked.
Finding Parking: The biggest challenge to driving, especially in the bigger cities, is finding parking. It’s frustrating and not cheap!
Ultimately, it’s your choice.