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【Learn Chinese】Characteristics of the Rabbit
In Chinese culture, the rabbit has the unique characteristic of waiting for an opportune moment and then leaping into action. More than any other zodiac animal, the rabbit symbolizes luck. In the zodiac origin story about the Great Race, all of the animals who would go on to become zodiac animals needed to race across a wide river.
The rabbit crossed the river by jumping from one stone to another in a nimble fashion. Halfway across, the rabbit appeared to be losing the race, but was lucky enough to grab hold of a floating log that later washed him to shore.
There are also several regional superstitions regarding rabbits in China. In northwestern China, buns shaped like rabbits are popular at weddings. The bride’s mother personally cooks the buns for her daughter, who takes some to her husband. This is done in hopes that the couple will soon give birth to children.
Not all superstitions involving rabbits are positive, however. For example, some people forbid pregnant women from eating rabbit meat out of the fear that their babies will be born with a harelip.
Rabbit personality traits
Rabbit people are said to live life free from constraints and are in constant pursuit of their ideas. Because of their weak wills, however, they have difficulty achieving great things.
In addition, Rabbits are sometimes too guarded and delicate when managing human affairs and personal matters. While they tend to be tenacious and ambitious, these characteristics may also lead to jealousy when they don’t get their way.
Those born under the sign of the rabbit do not like to argue, preferring peace and quiet. They are good listeners, excellent negotiators and tend to work well on a team.
They can be artistic and creative but also have a strong desire to avoid stressful and risky situations. They can also be pessimistic and insecure and therefore are hesitant to make quick changes.
Romantic rabbits: Compatibility
Chinese zodiac signs can play a significant role in how individuals pick their partners in romantic relationships. There are numerous theories and explanations for why certain zodiac animals are romantically compatible while others are not.
The best romantic partners for people born in the Year of the Rabbit are people born in the year of the Dog, Sheep, or Pig. All three share a compassionate, easy-going spirit that makes it easy for them to get along well with those born under the sign of the Rabbit.