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【Learn Chinese】Getting a Haircut in China
We know from experience, something that scares our students the most is the dreaded trip to the hairdressers! Let’s be frank, it’s not something we want messed up.
Not to worry, our comprehensive guide is here to make sure you can go to your Chinese hairdresser armed with all the key words and phrases you need to get the exact look you’re after!
Let’s start off by taking a look at different hair lengths in Chinese:
Short hair: 短发 duǎn fà
Shoulder-length hair: 及肩发 jí jiān fà
Medium-length hair: 中长发 zhōng cháng fà
Long hair: 长发 cháng fà
So, when your hair stylist or hairdresser asks you ‘how would you like your hair cut today? 你头发今天想要怎么剪?’ (Nǐ tóufa jīntiān xiǎng yào zěnme jiǎn?)
You might say you simply want to wash your hair 洗头发 (xǐ tóu fà), or if you’re really treating yourself you might opt for a wash, cut and dry 洗剪吹 (xǐ jiǎn chuī).
You could say you want it shorter, 我想要剪短一点 (Wǒ xiǎng yào jiǎn duǎn yīdiǎn), trimmed 修 (xiū) and maybe also layered 层次 (céngcì). Then, if you’d like to get a fringe, you can say 我想要刘海 (wǒ xiǎng yào liúhǎi).
Hairdresser: 理发师 lǐfà shī
Hair stylist: 发型师 fǎxíng shī
Hairstyle: 发型 fà xíng
I want…: 我想要 wǒ xiǎng yào
wash, cut and dry: 洗剪吹 xǐ jiǎn chuī
a hair wash: 洗头发 xǐ tóu fà
a haircut: 剪头发 jiǎn tóu fà
A little shorter: 短一点 duǎn yīdiǎn
a trim: 修 xiū
layers: 层次 céngcì
bangs / a fringe: 刘海 liúhǎi