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【Learn Chinese】Learn the Basics of Chinese Calligraphy
There is a lot to learn about Chinese calligraphy, but if you’re just starting out, here are some of the most important things to pay attention to.
Stroke order
Stroke order is critical to calligraphy. In general, characters are written top to bottom, left to right, and horizontal to vertical. For more complicated characters, you can always look up the correct stroke order online. Once you’ve practiced writing characters, the stroke order will come more naturally to you.
There are eight different types of strokes in Chinese calligraphy, and each have a specific way they should be drawn. Once you’ve mastered these 8 strokes and you know the stroke order, you should be able to correctly write any Chinese character.
How to hold the Brush
Another important part of calligraphy is how you hold the brush. Unlike normal writing, the calligraphy brush should be held vertically, grasped between the thumb and first two fingers, with the ring and fourth fingers behind the brush for stability.
You’ll also want to pay attention to the pressure you put on the brush. Calligraphy requires you to master the thinness and thickness of each stroke.
Some strokes require lighter pressure at the start of the stroke and heavier pressure at the end. Others require a slight flick of the brush. Controlling how much ink the brush soaks up is also important!
Body Posture
Last but not least, posture is also very important! Your posture should be straight and symmetrical. Keep your head straight, relax your shoulders, and keep your torso straight without leaning back into the chair. Pay attention to your writing! Keep both your feet on the ground without crossing your legs.