Process and notice
One、Purpose of Selection
The purpose is to further improve the teaching ability of our teachers, and to coordinate the superior to publicize and promote International Chinese Chinese Teacher Certificate better. It’s not only a chance to show the presence of our excellent teachers, but also a way to help people learn more about the test and the usage of Hanban International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate.   
Two、the participating objects
1.Mandarin Morning in-service Chinese teachers,other Chinese teachers from the society.
2.The students of Chinese international education major and related majors
3.People who have passed the test of International Chinese Teacher Certificate
Three、Test Registration and Requirement
Contestants can add the Wechat: mandarin-morning to register online, and send the email to to upload the entries. The requirements about the entries are as below:  teaching program (word)、courseware(ppt)and the Supporting teaching demonstration video.
(1)The content of the entries should be based on these materials:  HSK Standard Course,  BCT Standard Course, etc.  
(2)The materials use one lesson as a unit. Each entry should be a complete class unit. The teaching program should submit a complete class unit. A handout and the courseware should fit the 10 mins teaching demonstration video.     
(3)The teaching video should fit the teaching program or recording class videos. The time is about 10 mins. 

—————— Selection of outstanding teachers 2017 ——————
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