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Enterprise Trainning
We provide vip1on1 or group Corporation training, BCT class and various course and activity.

Corporation Chinese training

Help company to solve the problem

  • Corporation Chinese training

    quantificat the learning

    It is easy for us to know the Learning dynamic and Consultant evaluation in mandarin morning’ CRM.

  • Corporation Chinese training

    To strengthen the
    professional skills

    According to the different Chinese level student we can custom-made the lesson and the teacher has professional skills.

  • Corporation Chinese training

    Reduce the cost of

    Provide different kind of Chinese course, group class, face to face, door to door ,the consultant will follow up service

  • Corporation Chinese training

    attendance recording

    The consultant can easily confirm the students' learning situation from the attendance list and encourage students to learn.


Corporation Chinese training

The employee can learn Chinese well

  • Corporation Chinese training

    Teach students in
    accordance with their

    We make customized learning plan for every student according to their chinses level and learning orientation.

  • Corporation Chinese training

    Business Chinese

    The analysis Teaching Methods on both diversified business theme and Stimulating Students 'Interests will Help students to improve in all directions of chinese.

  • Corporation Chinese training

    Chinese teacher face to

    Chinese teacher from overseas Confucius Institute

  • Corporation Chinese training

    any time any where any

    24 hours ,computer,phone,pad。flexible time to help you learn better 。


Staff training, bring different experiences
for the company

  • Casten Volkswagen Shanghai

    Lesson: 180 lessons, one year  
    Teaching materials:《Survival Chinese volume1/2/3》 Location:student’s office, Pudong area  
    Time: every Wednesday and Friday 10a.m~12a.m  
    Start from: zero-based  
    Current level:By learning Chinese in Mandarin Morning, student is able to use Chinese to talk with other Chinese employees in daily work, students can solve the problem in Chinese. And read easily.

  • Amentia, Alex, Anoka, Maier, Catharine

    Lesson:240 lessons,long period course  
    Teaching materials:《Chinese for manager volume1/2》
    Location:student’s office  
    Time: every Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m~4 p.m 
    Start from: middle-level  
    Current level:By learning Chinese in Mandarin Morning, they passed the BCT   test 4 with high goals. And also speak Chinese fluently when they do marketing, receive clients, sign contracts and communicate with sales department. The teachers called them “old China hand”.


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Corporation Chinese training

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