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Traditional Chinese Alcohol
Chinese alcohol comes in many forms. Perhaps the most well known typically Chinese alcohol is 白酒 (bái jiǔ).
It literally translates into English as “White Alcohol / Spirit” or “Wine Wine”. Don’t be fooled though, this is no regular wine.
‘Baijiu’ is a strong spirit made from grain that comes in many varieties. It is usually sorghum based, but it can also be made from wheat, rice, barley and other grains. Its alcohol content varies from 28% up to around 65%.
You can buy a cheap bottle of Er Guo Tou (二锅头 – Èr guō tóu) for just a few kuai, but the top end stuff can go for thousands or even tens of thousands.
One famous prestigious brand is Maotai (茅台 – máo tái).
Although baijiu isn’t very well known outside of China, due to China’s huge baijiu-drinking population, it is still the most-drunk alcoholic drink in the world.
Baijiu’s less alcoholic cousin, Huangjiu (黃酒 – huáng jiǔ) is another popular traditional Chinese drink.
It literally translates as “Yellow Alcohol / Spirit” and is made from millet, rice and wheat. Its alcohol content is usually around 15-20%, so much less than Baijiu.
Although the name is “Yellow Alcohol”, Huangjiu actually comes in lots of different colours, clear, cloud, yellowish and even a reddish colour. 米酒 (Mǐjiǔ) or Chinese rice wine is generally considered to be a type of Huangjiu.  
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