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Superheroes in Chinese
Ready to learn something new – let’s talk about your favorite Superheroes in Chinese!
The word to indicate Superheroes in Chinese is 超级英雄 (超级 chāo jí = Super, 英雄 yīng xióng = Hero)
Spiderman in Chinese – 蜘蛛侠 Zhīzhū xiá
Peter Parker 彼得 帕克 (Bǐdé Pàkè) was only a teenager when he was bitten by a radioactive spider granting him spider-like powers.
蜘蛛 means spider, and 侠 is the word for a heroic person, so it’s a bit more like ‘Spider Hero’.
Superman in Chinese – 超人Chāorén
Kal-El was just a baby born on a planet called Krypton, when his parents placed him into a rocket bound for Earth.
Once landed he was found by Martha and Jonathan Kent who took him in and raised him as their own son with the name of Clark Kent克拉克 肯特 (Kèlākè Kěntè).
超 means ‘super’, and 人 means ‘man/person’.
Batman in Chinese – 蝙蝠侠 Biānfúxiá
Bruce Wayne 布鲁斯 韦恩 (bùlǔsī wéiēn) is a billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy, but in his secret identity, he is Batman. The superhero is the protector of Gotham City 哥谭市 (gētánshì).
蝙蝠 means ‘bat’, and 侠 means ‘heroic person’.
Wonder Woman in Chinese – 神奇女侠 Shénqí nǚxiá
Wonder woman is a founding member of the Justice League 正义联盟 (zhèngyì liánméng), a team of superheroes ready to take on the world.
神奇 means ‘magical/miraculous’, and 女侠 means heroic female.
Green Lantern in Chinese – 绿灯侠 Lǜdēng xiá
Green Lantern has had several incarnations throughout the years. Each one fights evil with the help of green rings that give them various superpowers.
绿灯 means ‘green light/lantern’, and 侠  means ‘heroic person’.
Avengers in Chinese – 复仇者联盟 Fùchóu zhělián méng
We’ve couldn’t leave out some of our favourite Avengers characters, so here goes…
Iron Man: 钢铁侠 (gāngtiěxiá)
Captain America: 美国队长 (měiguó duìzhǎng)
Thor: 雷神托尔 (léishéntuōěr)
But who are your favorite superheroes?
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